We are a team of experienced professionals for real estate sales in Montenegro. For each client we have a special and customized approach. We want your purchase or sale to go without stress, additional and unforeseen expenses.


We pay special attention to photo and video production for the presentation of real estate; that is something we are recognized for and why our clients give us their trust.
Through our presentations, the client is sure that he has seen every corner of the real estate and that it is shown in a credible way. Our goal is to show every real estate in the right and the best way, and to reduce the time spent searching the desired property by simply visiting our website from your own home.

Foto i video produkcija za nekretnine



Dunja Tasić – Head of Sales

Having a long-standing experience in selling luxurious real estate on the Montenegrin coast, you will be sure with Dunja that you are in the right hands and that you will have an answer to every question about the real estate market in Montenegro. Dunja has been in charge for some of the most expensive sold real estates on the market to foreign investors as well as to the people from the region. Dunja is in charge for clients from the Russian and English speaking areas, as well as for the local clients.


Ivana Injac – Property Sales Advisor

Ivana is a person who can only leave a positive impression on you. Viewing and selection of real estate with her will be accompanied by detailed information about the property and micro location, as well as compatible offers on the market.